Austin Party Buses Pricing Policies

We realize that unless you are independently wealthy, that you are probably like most people and you have to budget for things that you want in life. Well, we are are proud to say that we have the most competitive pricing that you are going to find anywhere. We take great pains when it comes to figuring out our pricing structure. And one thing we can promise you is you will never be surprised by hidden fees. It is our goal to treat you in the most respectful way possible because we realize that without you, there is no us. So, when you call us to talk about which vehicle is going to be best for your event, we want you to know that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you and your group are fitted to the perfect party bus or limousine and we will make sure that we talk you through options that will work best for you. We will never try to upsell you or fit you into something that you do not need.

More About Our Pricing

Our company works on what we call a graduated pricing system. That means that we are prepared to pass along any savings that we happen to experience. A good example of this is the cost of gas. If there happens to be a huge decline in the price of gas, we will pass that savings along to you. We believe in treating you as we would want to be treated. And in the long run, we want to have you as a long-term customer, not just a once and done type of transaction. No, you won't find our prices on our website and there is a good reason for that. Our prices are based on so many different factors that trying to publish them online is really impractical. But getting a quote is very easy. Just call one of our affable customer service agents and be prepared to give your group size, date and time of pick up and your city of pick up. Our agent will then walk you through the options.

There are various ways that you can save when it comes time to rent one of our fabulous vehicles. Be sure and ask about our special packages which are usually for a shorter time frame. Also, if there is any way that you can swing having your event on a Monday through Thursday, you will most definitely save money. Staying away from evening pick ups is another way. But whatever your needs may be, we will certainly explore every option with you. We will never try and talk you into something you do not need and you will never be pressured into making a decision.

One thing that a lot of people don't think about when it comes time to book a fabulous entertainment option like our vehicles is the fact that they have a built-in discount riding with them. Think about it, if you are renting out 24 passenger party bus and you have 20 other people with you, why not split the cost between 21 people. It makes sense and that way it feels like everyone is contributing and all of the cost is not going on just one person. Whatever your situation, we will certainly talk about any and all options that might be perfect for you and your group. So, your next best option is to call our customer service office. Our agents are available 24/7 and are ready and able to talk about party buses for as long as you need to. It will be our absolute pleasure to serve you.

Some of the Events We Service

Whatever event you might be considering can be made even better by one of our outstanding party buses. The amenities and features that we have installed will have you partying all night long without any breaks. So, come to us with your special plans and we can combine the best of both worlds. Don't miss this chance to have the ultimate blast.