Austin Party Buses Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to make an informed decision. We are not in business to get one past you or trick you into anything. We want you to be completely satisfied with what we provide so that you will want to come back again and again. And we realize that understanding everything about what we do is a great first step. So, with that in mind, we urge you to peruse our website and start making a list of questions and concerns you might have. When you get to this page, comb through the questions and answers below, there is a possibility that you will find your question below. But if you do not, then please contact one of our courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives. They would love to talk to you about our service and will do so as long as you need to. This is a great first step, we look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Is it alright to drink while I am on the party bus?
Absolutely, drinking is one of the things that our special vehicles were made for. We have granite top bar areas with built-in coolers of ice that can be used to stock your favorite libations. You just can't beat this kind of convenience.
Who provides the alcohol?
According to the law, it is illegal for us to provide alcohol to our patrons. However, you are more than welcome to bring all of your favorites on board and stock the coolers which we will already have filled with ice.
I don't see any prices on your website, can you give me an idea?
There are many factors that play into our prices including size, pick up location and day and time of service. For that reason, your best option is to call our customer service office which is available 24/7.
What can I look forward to while aboard one of your party buses?
You are not going to believe the amazing features we have installed for your enjoyment. Comfort is the number one priority so make sure you check out the luxurious leather wraparound seating. You will also find bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. Music is always a priority so get ready for a premium concert quality sound system with subwoofers. And how about some high definition flat screens with DVD capabilities. LED color changing lighting abounds as well.
Do you offer discounts?
Not usually, we put a lot of thought into our pricing structure and you will find our prices to be very competitive. We do offer special packages depending on your needs. There is one thing you can count on from us and that is the fact that we will never hit you with hidden fees.
Do we need to provide you with an itinerary of where we want to stop?
While not absolutely necessary, we find that it helps our drivers as they can program your stops into their GPS. Keep in mind though that we are not wedded to that itinerary. If you want to add a destination en route, feel free to mention it to your driver.
How far can we travel while on one of your party buses?
We offer unlimited stops and unlimited miles so you can go as far as you want to within your rented time.
Do we need to tip our driver at the end of our time?
No, a tip will not be expected. When you contracted with us, the price we gave you was all inclusive. However, if you feel that your service was exceptional and you would like to tip over and above, that is certainly your prerogative.

Some of the Events We Service

If you have a special event coming up, then please keep us in mind as the solution to your transportation needs. Our service and our fleet was made for activities like a bachelor party, birthday party, prom and sporting events. We can handle anything you have in the works, call us today.